God is NOT a Vibe

"Good vibes" is a mantra many of us use and live by. What does it actually mean and where did it come from?

A vibe is a subjective experience. It fluctuates and changes based circumstances, such as the things, places and people we allow in our lives. When we live by vibes, we give energy to and normalize instability and inconsistency as a way of life. We give energy to sources that are often times undeserving of such power. We become what we give energy to.

God is #notavibe. While vibes do change, God never changes. Though we walk and even run away from Him to do our own thing, He never leaves nor forsakes us (1 Kings 8:57). God doesn't give us vibes. To those who diligently seek and believe in Him, he gives His Spirit. While His Spirit can change lives, it doesn't change based on who and what is around. Knowing where and what God has brought me from/out of, He is who I chose to give energy to....and He is more than deserving of that energy!

What vibes are you allowing to control your life?

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